​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Which Has The Best Support?

This comes from my own experience. Some may have had a different experience.​​​​​​​

Overall Builderall's ticketing system works the best. Support tickets are usually answered quickly. The jury is still out on their knowledge.

Wealthy Affiliate's community is second to none. Many people come and go from Wealthy Affiliate just like any program but if you put something up the community is usually there to support you.

My experience with Wealthy Affiliates support hasn't been the best. My biggest issue is their lack of knowledge of subdomains. I have a domain XYZdomain.com with a website built on Wealthy Affiliate. I created a subdomain funtimes.XYZdomain.com and asked for it to be pointed to a certain domain.  Their support instead of pointing the subdomain to the correct place took down my website and pointed the subdomain to incorrect place. I explained for the third time and said if you don't understand if I could have a number to contact them. Needless to say, I had to give up as their support's knowledge was lacking.

This incident has made me rethink my hosting options with Wealthy Affiliate. The only reason Wealthy Affiliate is considered in this topic is the strong community support.

With Builderall you get the strong support on the correct team. Builderall has no community like Wealthy Affiliate.

The support category, in my opinion, is a tie.


Conclusion 2019 April ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

In the battle Builderall Vs Wealthy Affiliate with the ease of design, team support and the number of tools available I am going to say Builderall is the winner.

Here is the great thing you can try both for free! These are my affiliate links so I may earn money if you use them. 

The plus side if you use the links below you get my bonuses including 134 ways to get traffic to your website absolutely free. Normally I sell these hacks for over $399 in total but if you join through me you get them free. Once your site is up just let me know and we will work on sending traffic. 

​​​​​​​ Wealthy Affiliate Vs Builderall Systems

Wealthy Affiliate's system is based on WordPress

Builderall is built on its own proprietary drag and drop website builder software.

Both are a free website builder system to start.

Both systems have their pluses and minuses. Ease of use goes to Builderall. I have spent countless hours and stayed up many of nights trying to get WordPress to do what I want it to do. I like WordPress but I find it difficult to work with. I have spent way to much time trying to make it do what I want it to do only to get frustrated.

Builderall so far has been an easy to use web designer just drag and drop. Wordpress is not close to being like this. FYI I have used addon plugins for WordPress from Elementor to Thrive Themes. I am sorry WordPress fans Builderall beats any website page designer I have found even Wix.

The winner in this contest in website design goes to Builderall for ease of use plus the free website templates that come with the system.

FREE Website Traffic Generator

These two tools with how inexpensive they are both have excellent tools for free website traffic generation.

Builderall has many systems for traffic generation:

  • Animation Creator
  • Facebook Chatbot app
  • Design Studio
  • Floating Video Creator
  • Animation Creator
  • Webinar Platform

Wealthy Affiliate has:

  • Jaaxy
  • SiteRubix
  • Site Content
  • Site Comments
  • Site Feedback

In this category sorry Builderall :-( Wealthy Affiliate wins it hands down. Wealthy Affiliate having Site Comments and Site Feedback can skyrocket website traffic. These two systems cause people from different IP's to visit your website and leave comments. Builderall has nothing compared to it :-(

Builderall VS Wealthy Affiliate I am a member of both. In this article, I will explain the pluses and minuses of both systems. I will also try to point you in the correct direction for what you're looking to do.

Most people looking to join one of these programs is looking for a way to make money online.

In this review of Builderall Vs Wealthy Affiliate we are going to break down some key areas and point out some unique features of both:


Round #1 Builderall VS Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate and Builderall Have Their Pluses and Minuses!